Combat Ready team is one click away!

Take advantage of an unique opportunity to communicate directly with all our instructors and academy members, discover new content and ask various questions.

What is Slack and why should you join?

Slack is a popular communication platform for both Windows/iOS and mobile. We use it for our inter-team communications and want to invite all of you to be part of it!

Discover and learn!

Share and discover new content with other like-minded people.

Direct calls (huddle)

Quick and easy 1:1 calls with video capability.


Share your thoughts and ideas either in any of the group chats or message an instructor directly.

Combat Ready team is within your grasp!

Every Combat Ready team member has an unique background and skillset. We encourage you to ask questions about challenges and situations difficult for you and we'll do our best to support you during the problem-solving process.

Why Slack?

Easy to use

Slack is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Slack mobile app allows you to easily communicate on the go.

Topics and subchannels

You can create as many subchannels as necessary, to ensure discussions stay on topic.

Personal preferences 

You can tag your favorite channels and people, to access them instantly. Or remove any notifications, if you wish.

Personal channels

You can create private message groups with anyone you like.

Easy search options

You can search and find any piece of content shared or written in the last 90 days.


Slack is completely free. Install the app and sign up. As easy as that!

Frequently asked questions

How do I download Slack?

For Windows/Mac/Linux, click here. For mobile, visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Downloading and using Slack is completely free.

Who is Combat Ready Slack community for?

Combat Ready Academy Slack is open for EVERY ACADEMY MEMBER, both free and paid accounts alike. All that matters is the desire and willingness to discuss, grow and learn together.

What does "community" mean?

We encourage everyone to join the Combat Ready Academy community so we can all get to know each other better. Let's bring all the like-minded people together to learn and grow together, and support each other in the process. Joining our Slack is just the beginning ;)

I have other questions...

If something's still unclear or you need any assistance using Slack, the write to we'll find an answer together.
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